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Wednesday, 2 January 2008
A New Project for 2008

Pyramid Etui
Designer: C A Wells

January 1st, 2008 New Project Start
Diminutive Sewing Set
Designer: Merry Cox

Welcome back and thank you all for your kind comments on my first blog - much appreciated.  A special thank you to Cindy for guiding me in the changing of the URL!  

I decided to start a new project for 2008 and chose Merry Cox's Diminutive Sewing Set.  I fell in love with this project when I first saw it and contacted Merry to see if she would be teaching this in the UK but alas she said not in the near future.  I regularly surfed ebay to see if someone would put one up for sale, again no luck  :-( and then a very good friend of mine in the US said she would send her mother to one of the classes to get the kit for me!  So now I have the fabric, the silk threads, the finishing kit and most of all the tiny wood carrier.  I couldn't wait to start it but the Christmas ornament frenzy had already started and  I had also decided to stitch pinkeeps for my friends in my stitch group so I put it to one side thinking it would be my holiday project but again I was too busy to make a start and then a friend sent me this  "The Metrostitchers is a fun group of stitchers with activities all through the year.  Although bases in the metro NYC area, there are members in other states and even a few in other countries -- they are moving towards world domination! They have a tradition, begun many years ago of starting a new project on New Year's.  No matter how many projects we have going, we celebrate the New Year with a new start, small or large. We carry on this tradition as a way to honor all those stitchers who have gone before us -- the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends and all who have taught us to love fiber and needle. We hope you'll join in continuing this tradition..." .  And so, I decided that I, too, would start a new project on New Year but with the proviso that it must be finished by the end of the year!! 

I also have a few other unfinished projects that are stitched and which I need to finish - a scissor fob, a pinkeep and a design to be affixed to a shaker box lid and, of course then there are those UFO's that we all have hidden away!  

Last Sunday - Dec 30 - my stitch group met up for the day.  We started at 10.30am with a coffee and a chat and then Lynn, the beader of our group, said she would show us how to make snowflakes out of Swaroski crystal beads.  We had a terrific morning and all managed to make 2 snowflakes - pictures will be taken and posted soon.  I was a bit out of my 'comfort zone' as I don't do much beading but I was rather pleased with my snowflakes even if they didn't quite come up to Lynn's standard but they say practice makes perfect so I will have another go and see if the saying is true.  After lunch of lasagna and salad followed by not one but two delicious desserts, we all decided to stitch.  I worked on Eliza's Pyn Keep stitching on 32ct lambswool linen with DMC threads and surprisingly nearly finished the front.  We finished at 4.00pm and decided it was a great day and that we must do it again soon.  

Laura asked me about CA Wells' pyramid - this is a beautiful piece Laura (see photos) but this is a class piece.  You might be lucky and find one on ebay but expect to pay quite a high price for it.

Daisy Girl - I have been to visit on Fair and Square and yes I would be interested in joining but not yet as I am due to have surgery on my right hand in the very near future and I would not like to join and not fulfill my obligations so, maybe when the surgery is done and I am able to stitch, I will contact you if that's ok with you?   I am not sure how long my recovery will take - I had the same surgery on my left hand last April and it was 8-10 weeks before I was able to stitch - very frustrating but the hardest part of only being able to use one hand was the everyday things;  tying my hair back into a pony tail, putting toothpaste onto the brush, spraying deodorant under the good arm and even worse - try pulling up (or down) your panties with one hand!!!  Moral of this tale - do not leave it too long before you visit the bathroom!!!

It's my first day of not working today - did I enjoy it? Oh yes but why did it go so quickly?  A work day doesn't fly past that quickly.  It feels as though I am still on a break as Ken does not go back to work until next week - I expect I will feel differently when I'm "home alone".

Thank  you for visiting with me again.

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  • On 2 January 2008 at 19:14, Blogger Janaina

    I so hope you are my partner in the FOB exchange... Can't find any work of yours that I don't like deeply!:o)
    Congratulations on the beautiful work!!!

  • On 3 January 2008 at 23:21, Blogger Jen

    Your work is beautiful. Hope the surgery goes well and your recovery is quick.

  • On 2 April 2008 at 10:56, Blogger lena-lou

    I would love to do the Pyramid and saw it at the class, infact I saw 2 :-)) I think you are funny too with your (not) hairy fingers and one handed toilet visits LOL

    Right I'm off to do some work now or I will be on the computer all day before I know it !!