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Friday, 4 January 2008
Merry Cox and Crystal Snowflakes

Hello again

There's a little more progress on Merry Cox Diminutive Sewing Set - I was not able to stitch yesterday.  I really must stitch today even if it's only to give those little blue birds some legs, wings and beaks!!

I have been busy finishing off a few items these past couple of days but I am unable to post pictures as they are gifts and an exchange so I will post these at a later date.  I will say that I am very pleased indeed with my scissor fob, so much so that if I hadn't already put the recipient's initials on it, I would have kept it for myself!  This means I am going to have to stitch it again for me but the only problem here is whether or not I can remember what I did.  I meant to scan it before putting it together but when I did think about it it needed pressing and once it was pressed I immediately started to put it together.  However, I am able to post a photo of the crystal snowflakes as promised in my last post:

The two on the left were made by my friend Lynn who teaches beading at our LNS.  The two on the right are my efforts - I think I definitely need to practise some more but I was quite pleased with them for my first efforts!!  They are all made with 4mm and 6mm Swaroski crystal beads and seed beads.  If I can master the technique I may, as suggested by Sue, another member of my group, hang them from a painted twig so they can be displayed all year and not just on the Christmas Tree.

I also wanted to post some photos today of a postcard which my maternal grandfather sent to my grandmother during the First World War but I am having problems uploading photos in between text.  For some reason they want to head up to the top of the page.  Can anyone help here?  I suppose I could upload the photos first and the add the text in between but there must be an easier way.  I tried clicking on 'none' when asked for the position of photos but then they wouldn't upload!  I will try again tomorrow so be sure to visit me again.

Take care


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