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Monday, 5 June 2017
Stitching fun!

I know its been ages - I know not where my times goes to! I have been busy - iStitch Designs Blue Band Sampler SAL started on April 21 and we are now 7 weeks into the SAL. There are some really pretty versions on the iStitch Designs Blue Band Sampler SAL page so please visit and have a look. It's a closed group but you are welcome to join.

After finishing my model for the Blue Band Sampler I decided to start the model for the Red Band Sampler SAL which will start early in 2018. I chose my banding and thread.

Two of my grand-daughters, Kirby and Megan, decided to join the Blue Band Sampler SAL and came round for a day's stitching. I am so proud of these girls! We had a most enjoyable day and decided to make it a regular thing. Megan has just finished her second year at University and Kirby works two part-time jobs. They have both been stitching since a very early age and are quite proficient stitchers. 

This was our progress. Kirby had a new start and finished Week 1; Megan had already stitched Week 1 before she arrived and finished Week 2 today. They have both gone home saying they will spend the evening stitching. I had a new piece of banding arrive this morning so I hem-stitched both ends and made a start - only a sneak peek as this is a very new design!

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  • On 5 June 2017 at 20:48, Blogger Robin in Virginia

    How fun to spend time stitching with your granddaughters! Both of their samplers look fabulous as does the sneak peek of your new one, Carol. Thanks for sharing!