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Tuesday, 16 July 2013
Camille Jullien 1897

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I made a start on Camille Jullien (Ouvrages des Dames) last night. The fabric (despite looking grey in the picture) is an off white 64ct  unevenweave linen; the thread is Glorianna's Tudor Silk in Bellagio Red #240 and the needle, placed to show exactly how tiny this stitching is, is a Bohin 28. This was extremely difficult to see even using a magnifier and under my ancient Ottlite so I may have to re-think this one before I go much further. I do like it but perhaps a smaller project might be better for this linen. I am going to try again in natural daylight and hopefully I will not find it as difficult to stitch. 

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It was a beautiful day yesterday so we took a walk along the seafront with Hector. I remembered to take my camera and took a few snaps to share. I also took a few pictures of Hector ... here's one of them.

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As you can see Hector is disabled and has been for the past 18-20 months. He is the loveliest little dog that you can imagine and is quite happy to go for a walk on his custom-made set of wheels. He is well known and many people stop to say hello to him and he is quite happy to pose for pictures! He does not have to be on a lead and is very obedient when told to wait to cross the road and waits quite patiently to be helped up the kerbs if they are too high for him to manage. He can go down steps but has to be carried up them. Isn't he the sweetest little dog?

Today is also a gorgeous day and my lounger and Kindle are ready and waiting so ...

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