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Wednesday, 8 January 2014
Randje Per Week SAL V2!

Last post I showed version 1 of week 1 of the Randje per week SAL which is being run by Simone (Soed Idee) and Annelies (Quilts and Siggies) and said that I wasn't overly keen on the linen banding and threads I had chosen. The banding itself is a lovely natural shade with a pretty red border but ... it's 28ct! To save a few pennies as this is a big project at 8" wide and some 2 metres in length I decided to use DMC threads in red 498 (to match the banding edges) and for the secondary colour blue 336 or white. So did I save those pennies? No - I decided that if I didn't really like the project as it was then now is the time to change so I firstly ordered a further length of banding 4¾" width; I already had a length of the 3" banding.  I then went through my collection of silk threads and eventually got it down to AVAS 2926 (red) with AVAS Creme or AVAS 161(blue) with AVAS Creme. I made a few practice stitches in the 3" banding using all three colours and discovered that although the Creme thread showed up fine stitching 1*2 it disappeared into the fabric stitching 1*1 so my decision was made - red as the main colour, blue as the secondary colour - the same colours I had chosen for version 1. I have plenty of the blue silk but need to order some of the red. So instead of saving pennies I ended up spending more but I am so much happier with version 2. You can see the difference in size - version 2 measures a sweet little 3½" and you all know how I love tiny. I am now on the lookout for one or two antique spools to display this. Do I see a future trip to the AEF in Paris in February? I had decided not to go this year as we are planning on a 6 week trip later in the year but ... I never say never and, of course, M Roulot of the famous scissors will be there and maybe the stall with the antique spools ;-)

Did I tell you about the gorgeous banding with the lace edging that I have since discovered? Please someone stop me!

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