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Monday, 17 August 2009
BAM IV finish

Valie and I have now finished BAM IV. Valie chose a pink theme using Litchi linen, Atalie Rubis cotton floss and a buttercup silk braid with a delightful butterfly charm. My friend has such a good eye for colour!

My BAM IV is stitched on 35ct optic white linen with AVAS 1714 silk thread and DMC 12 perle cotton 624. The embellishments are Delica beads in the same green as the perle cotton and a golden key. I think I need to be more adventurous with my stitching.

This picture is for Edgar to show that 'stink eye' has now taken up residence in a tree near me. I like birds but not pidgeons as they are extremely dirty and noisy (cooing at 5am doesn't help). The nest will be removed once the baby has flown the coop to encourage the said birds to return to SF!

I have been awarded the 'Your Blog Makes Us Smile' Award by Patti - thank you Patti. I have to pass this Award on to six of my favourite blogs and tell the blog owner why I chose them. They, in turn, have to pass this Award on to six of their favourite blogs (but not to everyone who reads their blog - you must choose six). So here we go and in no particular order:

1 Loreta - for her beautiful stitching and her stunning photographs.
2 Yuko - for her exquisite stitching and her photographs of dear Sweetie.
3 Edgar - for his great stitching and amusing anecdotes.
4 Dany - for sharing her artistic designs so wonderfully stitched.
5 Coni - for her great stories. Did you read about the spider and her happy chair?

And last but not least:

6 Valie - for her elegant stitching and her valued friendship.

It was so difficult to stop at six blogs that make me smile. I apologise if I've left you out - I read and comment on a lot of my favourite blogs and I think you all deserve an Award!

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