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Saturday, 17 May 2008
A telephone and a fast stitch

Yesterday I decided to make a start on a biscornu for the Monthly Finishing Challenge. I chose my pattern, the fabric and floss and just before I sat down, the phone rang so I took the call and then settled down in my favourite spot to stitch but, before I had even threaded the needle, the phone rang again. I got up, took the call and sat down. This time I managed to get a few stitches in before the phone rang yet again! By this time I was getting slightly annoyed but I answered the call and then, as I was putting the phone back into the base, I dropped it down behind the unit - arrgghh - I just want to sit quietly and stitch! I managed to retrieve the phone by using a spatula to drag it from behind the unit and this time took a little more care in putting it back into the base. At last I could settle and just look how much I managed to do. I only have a few more stitches to put into the middle and then stitch the back. It's a little larger than my usual biscornus being 3 3/4" square but it's quite pretty. The pattern is January Quaker by The Work Basket, the fabric is 35ct optic white Brussels linen and the floss is Au Ver a Soie 1714 which is a pretty denim blue. I am sorry about the poor quality photos but it's raining and really dreary here today so hopefully the photos of the finished piece will be much clearer.  By the way none of the phone calls were actually for me - maybe I should charge Ken for secretarial services? LOL

Enjoy the weekend.

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  • On 17 May 2008 at 12:54, OpenID kvstitching

    How frustrating! At least you got there in the end, your biscornu looks lovely, great colour.

  • On 17 May 2008 at 13:15, Blogger Karen

    very pretty!!! I love the design. we go weeks where our phone only rings when DH rings me when he is on the road .Hope you get a phone free weekend

  • On 17 May 2008 at 14:05, Blogger Stephanie

    Your post made me laugh - that is my working day to a 'T', every time I try to achieve something, the phone rings and interrupts me LOL! Loving the biscornu, the colour is wonderful!

  • On 17 May 2008 at 14:51, Blogger Carla

    ugh that phone! :P
    this design will make a gorgeous biescornu :)

  • On 17 May 2008 at 15:26, Blogger Kim B

    Your biscornu is going to look fantastic! What a pretty design.

    And yes, you should be paid to take his repeated calls. Perhaps reimbursement by way of stash enhancement would be suitable?

  • On 17 May 2008 at 19:13, Blogger Mylene

    A lovely design. I am sure it will look great finish into a biscornu.

  • On 18 May 2008 at 00:50, Blogger Janaina

    Despite all the callings, the piece is coming along so nicely...Well done!=)

  • On 18 May 2008 at 03:49, Blogger Joei

    I like the color of the floss, it's very nice. Can't wait to see it completed into a biscornu. I'm sure it's going to be so pretty.

  • On 18 May 2008 at 14:35, Blogger Vonna

    Wow beatiful AND fast ;)

  • On 18 May 2008 at 17:14, Blogger ImnVerted

    Beautiful work, cant wait to see it completed

  • On 18 May 2008 at 17:24, Blogger Karoline

    How annoying, the biscornu is looking lovely

  • On 19 May 2008 at 02:48, Blogger Ruth

    Beuatiful stitching even with interruptions and spatual use. lol Dang phones are so annoying!

  • On 19 May 2008 at 13:00, Blogger tammie

    your biscornu is great really coming alive..well done.. and i would charge for secretarial services.. perhaps in him making cups of tea whilst you stitch.. lol

  • On 19 May 2008 at 17:24, Blogger Andrea

    Love the colour of your biscornu-to-be.

  • On 19 May 2008 at 21:16, Blogger staci

    Sorry about the phone troubles...but you've managed some lovely stitching!!!

  • On 19 May 2008 at 22:05, Blogger Barbeeque4

    The biscornu will be lovely!! such a great colour!!

  • On 20 May 2008 at 16:05, Blogger Carol

    Your biscornu will be gorgeous! I stitched that one earlier this year... great minds think alike!

  • On 21 May 2008 at 12:34, Blogger Carolien

    Hello Carol,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind message! About the mailart: some people think it's a sport to get their mailart stamped, only then it's a 'real' mailart! Other's don't like it and put it in plastic indeed.
    You make beautiful things, by the way, and have a very pretty granddaughter!

    Greetings, Carolien

  • On 21 May 2008 at 13:28, Blogger Rhondi

    Hi Carol
    I am so glad that you visited my blog and left a comment, so that I could stop by and see you. Your stitching is really beautiful. Of course I love the blue!
    Hope you'll drop by again and we can have a cup of tea together.