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Saturday, 26 April 2008
Introducing ...

Tommy the Tortoise!  A while ago I promised to post a picture of Tommy and here he is. I tried to capture a photo showing his sweet little face but he kept marching off round the garden and anyone who thinks that tortoises are slow have never met Tommy. He was given to us about 30 years ago when his previous owner died and although we are not sure exactly how old he is, we think he is at least 60 years old. Our garden is completely walled in so he has the freedom to roam where he wants to. At present we still put him into his box overnight but, when the long summer evenings and warm nights are here, he will stay out 24-7. He has his favorite 'spots' in the garden where he likes to hide up. Isn't he just cute?  

Today has been the best of the year so far. It's warm and sunny and, after rushing through the household chores, with mountains of laundry (dried outside - don't you just love the smell of laundry dried out in the fresh air?), I decided to get the cushion onto my lounger and spend some time relaxing in the garden. I went out there at mid-day, Ken brought me out lunch around 1.30 and I was out until 6.30pm. I was so engrossed in reading Duma Key I did not realise that I had been out there so long but I will admit to a nap around 3.30pm. This does mean I have not done any stitching at all today and I am now trying to decide whether to finish up my book or get my needle out.  Rain is forecast for tomorrow so I'm glad I decided to make the best of the really nice weather today.

I hope I will have some 'stitchy' photos for you soon - that needleroll is still awaiting my attention!

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