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Wednesday, 16 April 2008
Quaker Friendship Round Robin

It's really strange to be back at work - it's as though I have never been away! It's a bit like when you return from a vacation - except there are so many people away. It's a small office with only 14 members of staff. Out of those 14 there are 2 on leave, 6 off sick and 1 on compassionate leave! So that leaves 5 and 2 of those are part-time employees. I just hope I don't catch whatever bug this is, else I will be phoning in sick too!

In the evenings I have been working on Wendy's Quaker Friendship Round Robin and I am nearly finished on my section. I had first choice on both colour and section to stitch and I chose DMC 158 which really is a pretty shade of blue that blends in well with the variagated thread that Wendy chose to work her section.  

Stitcher asked me "Do you know what's in the eggling, or is it a surprise?" It says on the box it's 'flox' so flox is what I am expecting but as the egglings come in lavender, petunia and basil, I suppose it could be anything! The above picture is from Firebox.com and is not an update on mine. 

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