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Tuesday, 27 January 2009
Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler

As I mentioned yesterday I have made a start on my Beatrix Potter SAL. After feeling so unwell this past week or so,  I found it quite therapeutic to stitch these Quaker motifs and I am not sure that I will be able to make this a year long project! I have actually finished the unfinished motif in the picture and stitched the large flower motif and made a start on another one since taking this shot. The fabric is a 36ct linen called Puck which I got from The Sampler Guild for an entirely different project but, when I did a floss toss, the HDF Raisin Wine silk floss, which I had already chosen for this project, called out for this fabric. 

Yesterday I started the finishing of exchanges for the end of the month. One of these exchange pieces is a bit fiddly with having to wait for glue to dry etc but it's nearly finished and I am pleased with the result so far. Obviously no pictures of these yet!

Lost has returned to UK television. I had forgotten how much I enjoy this programme and last Sunday we had a 2 hour episode - if only all episodes were 2 hours long! I had actually forgotten that it was on and watched the Dancing on Ice skate off without recording Lost but luckily we have multi-start on our Sky HD box so I was still able to watch it. Is Locke really dead or will he recover once he returns to the island? If the island has now gone back 3 years in time, does that mean that those that have died during the those 3 years are now alive, Jin, Charlie, Anna Lucia et al? Will Hurley ever lose those extra pounds? And talking of Dancing on Ice - isn't Ray Quinn the complete package? And Todd Carty, what can I say about Todd? He is the most entertaining skater I have ever seen; I just hope he doesn't kill himself in the process!

The household chores are beckoning so I must sign off - enjoy your day.

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