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Tuesday, 27 April 2010
An award!

Yesterday I received an award from Lenka of Lenocka's Little World . If you do not know her blog do pay her a visit as she does some amazing stitching and finishing. Thank you for the award Lenka! 

For this award I have to write 10 things that make me happy, so here goes:

1.  My family
2.  My friends
3.  Designing and stitching
4.  Books
5.  Sunshine
6.  Vacations
7.  The ocean
8.  My computer
9.  Blogging
10. My life

I forward this award to:

1.  Edgar
2.  Wendy Jo
3.  Yuko
4.  Su
5.  Everyone else who reads my blog.

On a stitchy note, I am still awaiting on some Skirtex to arrive from the US as I have a couple of finishes to do. Fingers crossed it arrives this morning - my deadline for a gift is very close. I am also working on Sew Seasons - Spring is finished and Autumn is nearly stitched. Sew Sew is charted and I am looking forward to stitching this one so I may fit it in between Autumn and Summer! 

I entered a giveaway over the weekend and was supposed to post about it here but, for the life of me, I cannot remember what the giveaway is or whose blog it was on! I apologise to this generous person and I promise to be more diligent about posting giveaways in the future. I guess I've blown my chances of winning this one now?

Thanks for visiting
Take care


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