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Thursday, 22 April 2010
Has anyone seen my mojo?

No stitching pictures to show you so here's a picture of a storm over Deal pier. I love storms and would love to go storm chasing!

I'm in a stitching slump and I can't get into anything. I'm a quarter way through Sew Seasons (a combination of the iStitch seasons charts). I have a few finishes to do but I'm waiting on skirtex to come from the US and I have no idea when it will arrive. Hopefully it won't be too long now as the planes have started to fly again after the Icelandic volcano. I started a gift and I really don't like it so it's been thrown to one side. I am tempted to start a little red sampler as I find these soothing to stitch on but ... 

Stitching aside, I am a little excited that a dear friend is coming to visit for a couple of days but at the same time I am sad that Kirby is leaving to go back to Uni at the beginning of next week. I really miss her when she's away and even though we catch up on Facebook, emails and texting, it's not the same. 

My computer is still temperamental - somedays it works just fine and other days it drives me mad with the applications taking ages to open and I'm left looking at a spinning beachball. 

Ok my moan is over - it's gone mid-night and I'm going to bed but I have made a decision - tomorrow I will start Sew Sew and stitch it in red, or maybe black, or maybe red and black - see how decisive I am?

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