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Tuesday, 30 March 2010
Sew Red that is so green!!

Michele of Just Another Stitching Blog has sent me pictures of her lovely version of Sew Red stitched with Belle Soie's Creme de Menthe although I'm not sure what linen she used. Isn't it amazing how different a design can be when stitched in different colours?

It's finished into a very pretty flatfold with a co-ordinating backing fabric and some gorgeous creme lace trim. Thank you Michele for allowing me to post your pictures.

I was ready for a new start, but as I couldn't decide on fabric and thread for Sew Summer, I decided to stitch another red miniature from *here*. Each of these kits comes in a small cardboard roll tied with red ribbon/thread and the designs are exquisite. I have chosen 'Petits Jours' which design is in four sections with each section surrounded by a hem-stitched border. I have stitched the top two sections and did make a start on section 3 but disaster struck and I've had to unpick it! Once I show you a picture of this you will understand why I call it a disaster - it's done on a very high count fabric 1*1 and the stitches are oh so tiny. My eyes are protesting so I think I will call it a night!

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  • On 30 March 2010 at 01:56, Blogger Shari

    very pretty!!!! Of course, I love greens!! This is the one I am working on!!! I am using brown & pink....varigated flosses. Will show you when I am done!

  • On 30 March 2010 at 15:16, Blogger VALIE

    I quite like these flatfolds... never tried them, but I must. Nice green project - your designs look good, whatever the colour !

  • On 30 March 2010 at 18:29, Blogger Lisa

    Oooo, thats different. Gives it a completely different look. Very pretty & lovely finish on the flat fold.

  • On 31 March 2010 at 19:17, Blogger Michele

    thanks Carol for showing off my Sew Green :) The piece of fabric I used was unmarked in my stash .. it just looked great with the thread :)