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Friday, 16 April 2010
Machines are great when they work!

I guess you must have thought I'd gone missing but no, I'm still here! I've been having a few computer problems and have had to reinstall the OS. I'm not sure it's fixed - it's still very slow to boot up and the programs are slow to start up too - I have one more 'fix' to try (resetting the PRAM) and if that doesn't work then it's off to the Mac doctor as I am out of ideas. And the guarantee ran out two weeks ago!

In the meantime I have been stitching on Sew Seasons, a combination of the four Sew designs into one. Sew Nautical is stitched apart from the 'sun' and I am awaiting on a reel of gold Soie Surfine to make it's way here to enable me to finish this one. Sew Sew is charted and yet to be stitched - I'm not sure what fabric and threads I will use for this one. 

And here is an updated picture of my Christmas cactus. OK only one flower but what a splendid flower it is!  

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  • On 16 April 2010 at 23:33, Blogger staci

    So sorry about the computer troubles...been there (a couple times), I feel your pain!

    Hope everything is fixed soon :)

  • On 17 April 2010 at 03:03, Blogger Daffycat

    Ooo, that IS a splendid flower ~ very pretty! I hope your computer is fixed soon!

  • On 17 April 2010 at 08:24, Blogger angelasweby

    Hi Carol
    I'm really sorry you're still having problems with your computer. I thought you had managed to sort it all out. I hope your final attempt does the trick as getting professional help doesn't come cheap.
    That's a gorgeous flower on your cactus and such a stunning colour.
    Angela xx

  • On 21 April 2010 at 09:32, Blogger Suzanne

    No good with the computer problems! Beautiful flower on your cactus. Mine is just starting to flower now and I will share some photos as well.

  • On 28 April 2010 at 15:39, Blogger trillium

    Love the Christmas cactus! Ours needs fertilizer-hasn't bloomed yet and is very small.