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Monday, 3 March 2014
Randjes per week 9 and other stuff!

Week 9 - Bands 19 & 20 of the Randje per week SAL *here*. Although I had looked at the new bands late on Friday evening, I downloaded and printed off the chart on Saturday morning  and planned to stitch it in the afternoon but 'the best laid plans ...' I got a call from my son to say he and his wife were coming over to collect his classic mini which has been wintering in our garage. It was nice to see them and they didn't stay too long so I was able to make a start on the new bands. I first put a few leaves in of band 19 but it didn't feel right stitching backward facing leaves so I skipped down to band 20 and stitched that first and then turned the whole thing upside down so the leaves were facing forward and so much easier to stitch! I am looking forward to adding my late mother's name on the sideways band once I am level with the end of my grand-mother's name. 

And, as I was enjoying stitching the Randje per week so much I decided to do my own thing - Carol's Band! I purchased some white lacy edged banding and chose one my favourite blues (HDF Magpie Tears 2349) and got to work putting together some bands, alphabets, numbers and motifs and managed to get a few stitches put into this too.

I have some other projects stitched, mainly Christmas ornaments, together with the latest iStitch Design, so I really need a marathon finishing session - maybe one day this week? I thought that when I retired I would have plenty of time but it appears not.


One afternoon last week we took a walk along the cliffs at St Margaret's Bay and I remembered to take my camera and yes these are the famous 'white cliffs of Dover'.

We started at the Memorial where we parked the car and walked along the cliff top. I tried to get pictures of how high up we were but I didn't want to get too close to the edge! The building in the first picture is the old coastguard station which is now the Blue Bird Tea Rooms. The bottom right hand picture shows the view towards the Kingsdown, Deal, Sandwich and the Isle of Thanet.

This pictures shows St Margaret's Bay itself. The middle picture shows how close the houses in the other pictures are to the edge of the cliff! Not sure I would care to live there - how about you?

The main picture here is Mermaid Cottage the house where Noel Coward lived around 1945 *here*. It is also linked to Ian Flemming the author of the James Bond books. The larger building at the bottom is the old Granville Hotel which ceased trading in 1994 and is now exclusive apartments. Can you imagine the views from the apartments' windows? 

I hope you enjoyed seeing part of the beautiful area in which I live.

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  • On 4 March 2014 at 18:58, Blogger Andrea

    I don't think I would like to live in those houses. The slightest creek and I would think I would be dropping off the edge.

    Beautiful stitching. Love the red and blue combination.

  • On 7 March 2014 at 23:15, Blogger Mary in TN

    Lovely pictures. DH very interested in the Dover cliffs due to history.

    Mary in TN

  • On 9 March 2014 at 21:42, Blogger Maggee

    Randjes is really beautiful. Wonderful job! And Carol's Band is going to be gorgeous too! Hugs!