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Friday, 2 May 2014
Two iStitch finishes + Randjes Week 17

Recently Michele of Just Another Stitching Blog posted pictures of two iStitch Designs finishes. Firstly Sew Rabbits. This was finished into a delightful little pillow by Hands On Design. 

Michele's second finish was Sew Irish finished into a cute pillow with a 'wish pocket' on the back by the talented Faye Riggsbee of Carolina Stitcher *here*.

I am sorry that I do not have links to either Hands on Design or Faye's blog (*now added above) but I will add links if someone lets me know them.

Both of these pieces are stitched and finished beautifully and a thank you to Michele for allowing me to post them here. 

I downloaded and printed Week 17 (bands 35 and 36) of the Randje per week SAL.  I stitched band 35 last Saturday afternoon but for some reason found it hard to get a 'flow' on band 36 so I abandoned it to stitch for the iStitch Exchange. I did get back to band 36 a couple of days ago and here it is to date. Band 26 is missing as I didn't like it! As you see (if you crane your neck sideways) the names of both my grandmother and mother are now stitched.  There are now 2713 members according to the Randje per week Facebook page and there are many variations of this year long project. It is still open to new members so if you fancy having a go at this go *here* to sign up and download the free charts.

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