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Tuesday, 11 March 2014
Randjes Week 10

Week 10 of the Randje per week SAL brought Bands 21 and 22. I downloaded the chart on Saturday morning but only managed to stitch only half of band 21 that afternoon before I fell asleep. What was strange about this band was that I had already added it to my own blue Carol's Band on the Friday morning - what a strange coincidence! 

And here is as much as I have stitched on Carol's Band. I have a lot more charted so it's nice to work on this one in between the Randje per week SAL.

Still no finishes of other stitched pieces but I hope to get around to it soon. I am due to have surgery on my leg this Friday and it will be plenty of rest so I have plenty of stitching lined up and my Kindle is fully loaded! Wish me luck.

And for those of you who remember Tommy you will be pleased to know that he has once again awoken from his Winter hibernation. Look at his lovely little smilie face - I think he's happy to see me!

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