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Friday, 28 March 2008
Quaker pinkeep

I've been a bit lax in posting this past few days but I have been busy - some stitching and finishing that I cannot show yet and eating! I had dinner with my son and his family on Monday evening, dinner with my stitching group to celebrate two birthdays on Wednesday evening, yesterday it was lunch with my friends from work, as one member of staff is leaving, and then last night I had dinner with my daughter and her family. I guess I will have to cook tonight but I think I have eaten enough to last me for a couple of weeks or more!

The above pinkeep I originally stitched for the HOE exchange but I liked it so much that I decided, selfishly, to keep it for myself. The pattern is from the Ackworth School Pattern Book. It is stitched on 36ct antique white Edinburgh linen with one strand of black Au Ver a Soie silk floss over two threads. I added a pocket on the back to hold a pair of Kelmscott Putford scissors which I have ordered but, as I am waiting for them to arrive, I put a pair of my Gingher scissors in for effect. I think the black Putfords will look a lot nicer. I also finished the pinkeep I stitched for the HOE exchange and I am putting together a gift package for my partner so I can mail it, hopefully, tomorrow.

I am also still waiting the arrival of the NPI silk floss which I ordered to start the Hannah Beeby SAL, which I should have started on Monday but, as my thumb was extremely sore and the floss hadn't arrived, it remains unstarted. Hopefully the silks, together with my Putford scissors will be here soon.

I have also been a very 'Naughty Girlie'. I have been eyeing the new iMac since it's launch last year and, bearing in mind that my present iMac is not even a year old yet, I have been talking myself out of getting it but I have given in and it is on order and might even be delivered today! How exciting is that? I am a real Apple fan and apart from the iMac I also have a G4 iBook, a Classic Ipod and a Nano. Once I have transferred everything onto the new computer I will list this one on Ebay where hopefully I will get a good price for it and will salve my conscience.  

Thank you for all the nice comments on my HOE biscornu and one question from Jen to be answered:- 

Q.  "How did you do the edge of the biscornu?"
A.  I surrounded the design with 4-sided stitches which I then used to stitch the back and front together using CA Wells' exclusive binding stitch ("Sam and Bertha") and adding the beads as I went. So long as you have an even number of 4-sided stitches this works extremely well and is very easy to do.    

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Edited : My new computer arrived this afternoon - now to transfer my files etc onto it :-)  I will post a picture when it's up and running! Oh don't you just love Macs?

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