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Tuesday, 9 June 2009
A giveaway received!

A week or so ago I won a giveaway pattern from Cindy's blog (here) and it arrived this morning, together with a postcard of San Antonio, Texas which I will put in with my collection of worldwide postcards - my first from Texas! Thank you Cindy.

I have been stitching the BAM (Brode Avec Moi) project that I am doing with Valie and it will be ready for showing very shortly. Suffice it to say that I like it! I am not sure how I will finish it yet but will probably opt for framing with maybe hemstitching it first.

I had an appointment with the eye consultant yesterday at 3.40pm. I waited and waited and thought he was running late but then started to realise that people that were arriving well after me were going in. I checked with the desk and then with the nurse who told me my appointment was 5.10pm! I showed her my letter, she apologised profusely and I went in next. A hiccup in administration maybe? He said my eye is doing well and that the puffiness and numbness I am experiencing is normal at this stage. I thought he would remove what's left of the stitches but he says they will disperse on their own accord. My next appointment is in 4 months time. I will bore you no more with my surgeries.

Almost forgot, Gaynor of Stitcher's Anon is having a 10,000 hits giveaway (here) - the closing date is June 13.

I thought it was summer. I thought summer meant sunshine. Why is it raining - again?

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