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Tuesday, 2 June 2009
A hidden miniature sampler?

This wood box lives on a shelf in my bedroom. At one time it was my project box and housed my scissors, threads and anything else needed for a particular project but, if you look closely at the top right hand corner you can see that a piece of the metal inlay is sticking out and, as I kept catching my fingers on it, this beautiful box got relegated in favour of another.

I have not opened this box in a while and was surprised to discovered it contained some packets of needles, a golden bell on a red ribbon (I think this came from a Lindt chocolate bunny!), a project ring and a few other bits and pieces. In the bottom of the box was this ...

... a tiny needle sampler! I didn't originally stitch this as a needle sampler though. I remember buying the fine silk threads from a shop at a Silk Farm; a very interesting place where there were exhibits showing silk worms in their different stages and silk screen printing processes. There wasn't much to buy in the shop but I picked up a few spools of thread and, of course, when I got home I had to try them out. The linen fabric looks like 32ct and the letters and dividing bands are stitched 1*1. This must have been a very early attempt at miniature stitching for me and although it's a little grubby, I think it's charming in it's present condition so I will leave it as it is. 

I stitched a little on Beatrix Potter yesterday but not for too long as it made my bad eye water after a while. Patience!

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