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Wednesday, 26 May 2010
I'm still here!

I thought you might like to see a few snaps I took in the garden during our very brief hot spell. Just look at that blue sky! As you can see the trees are full of buds, the clematis is putting on a wonderful display of its pretty pink flowers, the Japanese Acer is in its full glory and the honeysuckle if about to flower and release its heavenly scent. I just love this time of the year.

Although I have no pictures to show you, I have been stitching and all will be revealed shortly. I have also been working on some new designs and one is part-stitched and may be ready by the weekend. This is one for all the pink lovers out there - come on own up - you know who you are! 

My Gander linen has arrived from France so I'm now waiting for the chart for Jane Rees. Once this arrives I will know how many skeins of the HDF Perfect Red 6215 to order. I have been told that the chart says 7 skeins of DMC so maybe I should order 10 skeins of the HDF to make sure I have enough - I would rather have too much than not enough and besides I can never have too much red silk.

After our mini-heatwave, it's dark and gloomy and quite chilly so once I get a few chores done, I will stitch. Anybody want to join me?

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Edited: I have been reminded that HDF skeins are shorter than DMC so I think I will double up and add one - just to make sure I have enough! Thanks for the reminder Ann and Valie.


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  • On 26 May 2010 at 11:40, Blogger KarenV

    Pretty garden pics! I love the montana clematis - there is one just up the road from us with masses of flowers - just gorgeous.

  • On 26 May 2010 at 12:03, Blogger Carol

    The weather has been lovely hasn't it Carol! I would love to join you and stitch only DH Colin is due home on Friday after being away working overseas for two months, so I'm busy, busy getting housework etc. up to date. :o)

  • On 26 May 2010 at 12:52, Blogger VALIE

    You'd rather have too much of the HDF skeins - the length of thread is shorter than DMC.
    Beautiful pictures. Our sky was not so blue, there were a few white clouds.....

  • On 26 May 2010 at 12:53, Blogger Ann

    Beautiful photos, Carol! I'll be stitching this afternoon/evening after I finish my housework today. Of course, with the time difference you'll be sleeping when I start stitching, but...

    Oh, on the HDF--remember, it's only 5 yards per skein compared to 9 yards per skein for DMC (sorry, don't have the metric conversions). You might be safer ordering extra skeins. I usually just double the number of DMC skeins called for when I convert a monochrome to HDF to ensure having enough floss.

  • On 26 May 2010 at 13:17, Blogger angelasweby

    Carol, hi
    I can never see enough of lovely pictures like these. We have a Montana clematis too and it's climber and woven itself through our neighbours tree and looks beautiful. Several other cleamtis are out too and our honeysuckle is budding up.
    I can't wait to see the beginnings of your Orphanage sampler - I have never seen Gander linen before or heard of it either actually (I've obviously led too sheltered a life...haha)
    Did someone mention pink?
    Angela xx

  • On 26 May 2010 at 13:35, Blogger Danielle

    Can't wait to see what you have been working on! I started Sew Peacock in HDF Plumage on white Jobelan and it looks great! As soon as I get over this nasty cold I'm battling I am going to post a pic of it on my blog.

  • On 26 May 2010 at 14:08, Blogger Hazel

    Lovely pics! I will gladly join you as soon as I have finished my chores too. x

  • On 26 May 2010 at 15:59, Blogger Berit

    Wow! So you're planning for 15 Skeins!? What an amazing piece this one will be--I hope you can show us a start soon. :)

  • On 27 May 2010 at 03:56, Blogger Susan

    Great pictures - thanks for sharing, Carol!

  • On 28 May 2010 at 04:03, Blogger Sheena

    Beautiful pictures. But I must admit I am jealous of your gloomy rain. We are finally getting a little rain here in Albuquerque, NM :) Nice blog.

  • On 30 May 2010 at 00:26, Blogger Suzanne

    Lovely pictures of your garden. My mum visted the French needlework store Des Fils et une Aiguille, can't wait to see what she has picked up for me. I did ask for some linen and threads, so I might me lucky.

  • On 5 June 2010 at 20:36, Blogger Meari

    Those are pretty flowers!