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Sunday, 21 November 2010

I have now finished stitching the 'Needles' piece on my Travelling Stitcher SAL with Valerie (The Fog City Dweller). I really enjoyed stitching this project and love the HDF thread conversion (see earlier post *here*) - thank you Vikki. I have an idea of how I might 'finish' this but ... firstly I need to complete my ornament stitching and finishing as Christmas is fast approaching and I am nowhere near ready!

Last week Prince William announced his engagement to Kate Middleton. At the time I heard I was working on a new design - Sew Golden - how strange that the centre of this design is an ornate crown! Maybe I should incorporate a W and K into this design?

I purchased a new frame for 'M Thomas', a small French red sampler which I stitched recently. I thought I could distress the frame and maybe tea or coffee dye the sampler so that the whole project would look old but the stain I used for the frame proved unsuccessful so I now need to sand it down and start again. I am also worried about dyeing the sampler in case the red thread runs. It's an HDF (which I think are pretty colour fast) silk thread OMG Red 1149 which is a beautiful deep red. I will think some more about this project before I go any further!

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