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Saturday, 4 June 2011
A finish

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I have now finished and framed Jardin Privé's Douceur de vivre. I was unsure of how to finish it but eventually decided to go with a simple frame which I stained and slightly distressed. Douceur de vivre is stitched on 48ct nacre Gander linen with HDF silk threads - you can find my conversion from DMC *here*. I made two slight amendments to the pattern - I lengthened the hair on both the ladies as my hair is that length and I altered the colours of two of the trees as the original shades were too similiar in colour to that of the grass. This was a most enjoyable stitch!

Our honeysuckle has been blooming and the scent in the warm evenings is amazing. It's a shame is doesn't last very long though.

I have had two exciting wins on ebay this week and once I have received them I will post pictures - I am just hopeful that they are as lovely as the pictures on ebay showed them to be!

I have downloaded and printed a lovely little red sampler from *here*. This sampler is a free chart from Sylvia and is a reproduction of the one stitched by her Aunt Minna in 1919. Although Sylvia's blog is in German, there is a google translator there so it's easy to read Sylvia's story. You can also see a picture of her Aunt Minna. This will be my next 'little red' although I aim to put a few more stitches in poor neglected Jane Ries before I make a new start.

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