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Monday, 8 August 2011
SALs and classes

Here is Part 4 of the French SAL Guimauve et Violette. I am glad I chose a larger count linen to stitch this on (38ct nacre Gander) - see post of August 3!

I am continuing to be amazed at the reaction to my own Mystery SAL. I have been inundated with sign-ups and I might have to limit the numbers shortly otherwise I will be spending the whole of next weekend (and subsequent weekends) sending out charts! So ... if you want to join in apply NOW otherwise you could miss out. See previous post for details and further details can be sent on request.

My kit for the Sherri Jones' Blue Ribbon Sewing Box class arrived this morning. The class is not until April 2012 so I have plenty of time for the pre-stitching. I am really looking forward to this class and I can't wait to see the beautiful wood boxes.

The sun has decided to make an appearance today so I'm hoping it will stay nice so I can spend some time in the garden later. I have been reading the Stieg Larsson Triology on my Kindle. I loved books 1 and 2 but not too sure about The Girl Who Kicked Hornets' Next - it seems to 'ramble' a bit. How sad that such a talented author did not live to see his work become such a great success. Rumour has it there is a fourth book but arguments between his family and partner are preventing it being published, if indeed it exists!

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