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Sunday, 2 December 2012
JHA SAL 1905 - Part 1

Click on picture for a closeup view

Simone's SAL *here* started yesterday. I was prepared for this start with walnut ink dyed 48ct Gander linen and Needlepoint Inc silk thread (505) so I made an early start and here is Part 1 finished but alas I miscounted so the second row of letters is one stitch down too far! I could 'fudge' to get back on track but the piece of linen I am stitching was actually cut for a slightly larger project so I will turn it upside down and re-start it. This will teach me not to watch tv and stitch at the same time! It seemed strange to start in the top right hand corner instead of the top left hand side. 

I've also been working on Christmas gifts and a very special birthday project none of which I can post pictures yet. 

It's been really cold here of late but with beautiful winter sunshine. I can cope with the cold so long as there's sunshine.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend so ...
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