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Thursday, 14 March 2013
Marquoir de Jeanne

Please click on the picture for a closeup view

Here's the promised picture of Marquoir de Jeanne from François Prax book Miniatures au point de croix. It is stitched 1*2 with Needlepoint Inc silk thread number 505 on 48ct Gander linen which has been dyed with walnut ink. This little sampler measures 5" x 4¾". I actually had some difficulty in stitching this as my mind kept wanting to correct the mistakes so ... some errors are Jeanne's and some are mine! The scissors are again from my Nogent collection and are called, I think, Fleurs; I have a second pair of these in a silver finish. 

My flower

Kirby's flower

You can also click on these pictures for closeup views

Yesterday was Stitch-n-Bitch night and Lynn had agreed to teach Kirby to crochet so I decided to take along a hook and a ball of crochet cotton to see if I could remember how to do it. I used to crochet many years ago but have my own way of doing it so I thought it prudent not to teach Kirby my bad habits. I managed to do the above triple flower. Not the neatest effort but I enjoyed doing it and will continue to practise. Kirby was a little wiser than me and used a larger hook and wool and. as you can see, her flower is a lot neater than mine! Thank you Lynn for your patience.

I am back to stitching the second part of miniature blue - part 1 *here* - but not enough to show a picture! 

After the bad weather the sun is shining today and although it's still extremely cold we have decided to take a change and take Hector for a walk.

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