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Sunday, 1 August 2010
Two iStitch designs and two friends!

First up is Cynthia's (no blog) version of Sew Patchwork. Stitched on 28ct light green Jobelan with Cosmo threads it is framed in a studio moulding in matte grey. Cynthia also has a thing for peacocks so she changed the charted bird to a peacock! Isn't this pretty? Thank you Cynthia for allowing me to share this here.

Michele of Just Another Stitching Blog also sent me a picture of Sew Sew finished as a needlebook for an exchange. I do not know what fabric she used but I do know that the thread is Belle Soie's Poison Apple. As you can see Michelle also altered the original chart by removing the alphabet and the border and substituting her exchange partner's initials for one of the motifs. I am sure there will be more pictures of this pretty needlebook over on Michele's blog so pop over and have a look. Thank you Michele for allowing me to post this here.

Both Sew Patchwork and Sew Sew are still available *here* or by clicking CHARTS on the sidebar.

Hector came to visit this afternoon (although that's not entirely true) I called at my daughter's house to collect something and Hector was home alone so I dognapped him and left a ransom note. I received a text from my daughter on their return home saying 'We'll keep the million you can have the dog'. As you can see him and Tommy get on quite well even if Hector did decide to eat Tommy's food - ever seen a dog eat tomato, spring greens and lettuce? He is such a funny dog! As you can see Tommy just turned his back as if to say 'this is my garden not yours'.

Once again I was hoping to make a start on Jane Rees. I duly cut my linen to size; I overlocked (serged) the raw edges on the snazzy overlocker (thank you Caroline) and then, the curse of Jane Rees struck again - I could not find the right size bars to my Millenium frame so I decided to order some new ones. I went to the website, added the bars to the cart and went to checkout but when I hit the 'pay by Paypal button' it took me to Paypal Sandbox! Now what on earth is Paypal Sandbox? I was unable to sign in with my Paypal details so it must be something different to 'normal' Paypal. OK so I'll pay by card but I then discovered when I found my new card that it had a sticker on it saying to ring and get the card authorised and the bank is closed on a Sunday! Ken was out so I couldn't use his card so I will call Needle Needs tomorrow after I ring the bank to get my card authorised. Meanwhile I thought that maybe I could borrow some so I called a friend who said to go round and pick them up. Again the curse struck, they are not long enough. So all in all what with the long time in deciding on fabric and thread, then waiting a month for the Gander linen to come from France, I now have to wait for the bars! I wonder if Jane is trying to tell me something?

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  • On 1 August 2010 at 23:04, Blogger Gillie

    Over here you can do a lot of pressing buttons and authorise your card by phone, what a pain to have to wait! Love the photograph of animals and the Patchwork pieces, quite lovely!

  • On 1 August 2010 at 23:06, Blogger Gillie

    It's me again, lol! Forgot to say, with Cynthia doing work like that she HAS to get a blog, that's an order :) !

  • On 2 August 2010 at 12:24, Blogger Lisa

    Some very cute stitching there, your designs are soooo lovely.
    I love my Millenium stand & frame, I have a lap one too & wayyy too many bars & stretchers. When the twins have stopped being little monkey mine may even make it back out of its box!

  • On 2 August 2010 at 12:27, Blogger Danielle

    Hector is the cutest dog! My little dog would have been clawing and hitting that turtle with its nose because she wanted to play with it! Hector seemed very calm.

  • On 2 August 2010 at 13:37, Blogger Michele B.

    it must be such fun to see your patterns spring to life in other peoples' work! I love what Cynthia did with Sew Patchwork, and that chart of yours was tailor-made for a needlebook. I loved the picture of the flowers in the post below this one - it brightened up my morning coffee.

  • On 2 August 2010 at 15:30, Blogger VALIE

    It does look like a curse - the Jane Rees curse. It only means that she wants the job to be perfect - and it will be, I know !
    Cookie does not eat lettuce, but she loves cucumber and watermelon and (peeled) grapes...