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Friday, 13 April 2012
Miniature blue

Picture clickable for a closeup view

I have finished stitching Sajou Miniature Blue and I now need to decide on a final finish. Maybe a needle book, a pin keep or a box top, if I can find a small enough box, but any suggestions are welcome. This is stitched 1*1 on 38ct Blanc Cassé Gander linen with AVAS Soie Surfine 2587 which is a very dark navy blue. The needle, placed to show exactly how tiny this is, is a Bohin 28. The design measures 2¾" x 2". This pattern is available for free *here*.

I will be re-starting this project again stitching 1*1 on 32ct Gander linen with AVAS Soie d'alger 161, again a dark navy blue. This time the stitched pieces should fit onto the pre-cut cards I purchased at the Sajou stall at the AEF in Paris last February. I will be stitching all the charts from Sajou Card No 2 and finishing as a fold-up booklet.

Picture clickable for closeup view

A few years ago my sister brought us an Iford Weeping Cherry tree that has an amazing story which I posted about *here* scroll down. Last year most of the blossom was blown off by the wind but this year we have a stunning display of pretty flowers.

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