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Saturday, 26 October 2013
Socks. Minis and Advent SAL news

On my last trip to Florida I brought some fancy sock yarn, a pattern book and needles and I did make a start but it got put away and I forgot about it until I went to Stitch-n-Bitch last week and saw that my friend Sue was knitting socks. Last night out came my needles, yarn and pattern and l knitted the above. Not too bad for my first time knitting with four needles and, hopefully, I will be wearing these socks shortly. I finished knitting the Aran cardigan I started last year but am ashamed to say that the pieces are not yet stitched together - I enjoy knitting but not the making up!

All is ready for the Sew Advent sampler SAL 2013 and the patterns are ready to be sent out on a daily basis. I'm not sure I can wait until December as I am raring to go. There are only a few spaces available so if you are interested in joining please email me as soon as possible - you can find my email address on my profile. 

Tomorrow is the last of the Kent Region's Mini rally - the Breakfast Run. We meet at 10am at the famous Roadhouse Cafe in Lenhan *here* where a full English Breakfast will be served and we will be given our 'day packs' containing instructions for the rally. This is followed by a two hour run through country roads to finish at the newly refurbished Broad Oak Mini Dealer in Ashford for tea/coffee and a tour of the dealership.  Mmnn  I quite fancy a new Mini! Pictures to follow in my next post. 

We have two Stitch-n-Bitchers' birthdays on October 31 so instead of meeting as usual on the Wednesday we are meeting up on Tuesday at a local restaurant for dinner and gift giving. An early Happy Birthday to Sue and Sylvie our very own Halloween witches!

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  • On 26 October 2013 at 14:19, Blogger angelasweby

    What a great beginning to your socks Carol. You will be snug in those :-)
    Have a great time tomorrow. Hope the bad weather forecast bypasses you and don't forget to change your clocks otherwise you might miss breakfast...haha!
    Enjoy the birthday mea on Tuesdayl. xx

  • On 28 October 2013 at 12:47, Anonymous Anonymous

    Enjoy the rally ! Hope it won't be too windy nor rainy.

  • On 29 October 2013 at 13:06, Blogger Michelle

    Hope you managed to stay safe Carol - I think we got off lightly here in Staffordshire. Hope you enjoy the meal - I am so ready for the SAL xx

  • On 12 November 2013 at 02:34, Blogger Brenda

    I love that color of yarn for your new socks!!!! And GREAT START! Ok....so I started a pair 2years ago but that was when I was with a friend who was teaching me at a stitching retreat. Needless to say I got WAY MORE stitching done than knitting. I don't think socks are in my knitting future.

    And.....I can't WAIT to start your Advent SAL!!!! :-)!!!!! Keep up the great job designing!!!

  • On 16 November 2013 at 19:35, Blogger Sarah

    Love your sock wool. I'm into knitting big time since my cross stitch mojo moved out. I have never stitched socks, will have to look into that. Can't wait to see them finished they look so soft.

  • On 20 November 2013 at 16:06, Anonymous Anonymous

    Only just saw your SNOW freebie on your "merchant" blog, it's very prettily stitched and finished. Temperatures have dropped and it's definitely starting to feel like Christmas. I like it !
    Hugs, Val