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Wednesday, 23 January 2008
A bad day!

Thank you to those who gave me suggestions for my Shaker Box lid. After much procrastination (opps what a big word!) I decided to go back to square one and re-lace it with extra batting going over the sides - oh dear - bad move. I careful undid the lacing on the stitching and replaced it with a larger piece of batting which I laced to the precut mat board supplied with the box. I then re-laced the stitching onto that but found that the extra lacing actually pulled the piece smaller and it still didn't fit as snugly as I had hoped. In fact the fit was worse as it wouldn't lay flat in the recess on the lid. And - oh no - what is that red on my stitching?  Guess who had pricked her finger? Did you hear me scream?  So ... plaster on finger ... I undid the whole lot again - removed the extra batting and re-laced the stitching pulling it slightly differently so the red mark does not show - I hope!  I am now going to go with the braided cord around the edge so watch this space for an update photo. What a waste of precious stitching time!

So no new stitching photos today so I decided to show you a couple of projects from the past. Both are from CA Wells classes that I did in London.

The thimble suitcase I stitched in 2002.  Just look at those tiny hedebo ribbon handles - aren't they just cute? A thimble fits in the opening between the handles.

The deckchair I stitched in 2004.  As it was a seaside theme I changed the name to Siesta Key. I also made a teeny scissor fob to match the pincushion headrest. The scrimshaw CR on the headrest is by Marcy Pumphret.

Thanks for visiting and putting up with my tale of woe.
Take care

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