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Monday, 16 February 2009
Valentine exchange received!

As we all know last Saturday was Valentine's Day. The postman came early and gave me a card to say there was a package at the Post Office but I had to collect it as there was duty payable on it so, as Ken was going out, he called in to collect it for me. When he got back I could see the package was from Jill and I could not wait to open it. Inside was a amazing array of goodies so I will work my way through the list. First up was a pair of scisssors with their own heart decorated sheath; a cute pair of heart socks; two red threads; a packet of needles; red pins; heart buttons; notelets; 'Gloves in a Bottle' which I have been wanting to try for ages; heart shaped chocolates from a specialist shop in Ohio; a gorgeous heart marking pin/thread counter which Jill had made herself  ... yes there's more ... a pair of red embroidery scissors with a delightfully stitched fob and then there was a magnificent bourse! Jill says there is her first bourse but you would never know - it's absolutely gorgeous. It is the first for me too, as I have not tried this finishing option  but seeing this beautifully stitched and finished bourse has encouraged me to have a go myself! Thank you Jill for such a memorable exchange and for thoroughly spoiling me - I love it all!

Information for all exchangers out in blogland, please be aware that any packages coming into the UK from the US there is a customs charge on anything over the value of £36 (approximately $50) even if the said package is a gift! Extortionate I know so please remember if your 'extras' are over this value it might be a good idea to undervalue them on the customs form. (I hope Customs & Excise do not read my blog LOL).

No stitching yesterday as we were out for the day and this morning I had to go into town to run errands and tonight we have guests for dinner but hopefully tomorrow I can pick up my stitching before the withdrawal symptons set in!

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