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Saturday, 24 October 2009
Sew Noel release!

I decided to release Sew Noel a week earlier than originally planned! I have set up a new blog to keep all my charts together *here* and I have also added a button to the sidebar. I am finding all this a little daunting but exciting too so please bear with me! If you would like to have this chart please follow the link.

Sew Noel is stitched 1*2 on 55ct white linen with AVAS Soie Surfine 2499 (red) and 458 (green). I have added a 25c coin to give you some perspective of the size of this stitched model. I must admit this is my favourite chart so far but there are more to come. Sew Winter will be released early in December followed by Sew in Love (a Valentine special) in early January.

Sew Red, Sew Blue and Sew Autumn are also on the new blog.

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