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Tuesday, 5 February 2008
A few more stitches and some frogging too!

I managed to put a few more stitches into my Merry Cox piece and I also frogged some too. I removed a whole line of lettering in the next to bottom area but I am tempted to frog the lot and start again as I am not happy with the spacing, I really dislike split words but bearing in mind it's stitched one over one on 36ct fabric, I am not happy with frogging either.  I think I might put this project aside for a while or maybe get on with the 'smalls' that go with the sampler so I can come back to it with a fresh mind. 

The Hannah Beeby chart arrived from Canada today (really fast shipping from Gitta's of Ontario) so I have ordered both fabric and floss. As I am still undecided what to use I ordered both 36 and 40 count flax fabric and 3 colours of Vicki Clayton silk threads. Mermaid Blue, OMG Red (the darkest option) and Imperialosity Green and I will make my final decision when I can do a floss toss. I was originally looking to use the blue, then changed my mind to green and then to red and back again! I have never been so undecided about a project before - maybe I should think to where I will hang it when it's finished and look at the colours around me but, bearing in mind all the walls in my house are painted white and all the carpets are a pale beige, this really doesn't help me that much!   I have seen examples stitched in all colours and I love them all so perhaps I should stitch it three times!

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