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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

I guess it must have snowed last night because my little house and the trees now have a slight layer of snow on them! This ornament is really sweet and I am enjoying stitching it. I expect I will finish the stitching tonight although I will probably do a stitched back too and then it can join the other projects awaiting my finishing day and, as Ken has told me he will be going to a football (soccer) away game on Saturday, it looks as though Saturday might be The Day.  

I went into work today to find my desk piled high with files but I managed to work through these and another, smaller pile too. I called into the library on my way home as I had completely run out of books and I just hate not having a book at the ready. I have read 30 plus books this year and I say 'plus' as I forgot to put a few on my list. I am going to own up now - once I've read a book I write my initials (in pencil) on the very last page so when I pick up a book in the library I can tell immediately whether or not I have read it! Quite often I would choose a book, get home, start to read it and discover that I had already read it! I don't agree with 'writing in books' but these are tiny initials and in pencil. I have also noticed that someone circles or crosses out page 8 in ink - not the whole page, just the 8 at the bottom. I wonder if this is their way of saying "you've read this book - put it back" or do they have a strange aversion to the number 8? 

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