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Tuesday, 29 September 2009
Spot the Difference!

Caroline (no blog) has been a friend of mine forever and is a member of our Stitch-n-Bitch group. Recently she went to her cottage in Cornwall and whilst she was there she stitched Sew Red and has just emailed me a picture together with the following write-up headed 'Spot the Difference':

"Thank you so much Carol for such a lovely design, which was a joy to stitch. I stitched it on 40 count Cream linen with one strand of Gloriana 'Cranberry'. If you look closely you may see that my Sew Red is not the same as Carol's original..... Carol designed this especially for 'my friend the mathematician'! She really does spoil me! If that was not enough I then added a change or two (mostly by mistake, I hasten to add) of my own. I did draw the line at leaving out the 'D' in the alphabet - even though I was up to letter 'J' by the time I discovered what I had done! My husband, probably correctly, reckons that I spend more time unpicking than I do stitching!

This is not the finished product! Having got this far, I then wondered what to do with it. By very good fortune I had been given a small wicker tray (full of stitching goodies) for Christmas. It is exactly the correct width for this to lie in the base of it, but needs a bit more stitching each side to complete the rectangle. Carol promptly offered to add a border each side so the design would perfectly fit the tray. How lucky am I to have such a friend?

As for coincidence - who gave me the wicker tray? Why - Carol of course. I look forward to showing you the completed product in due course.

Thank you Carol for sharing your beautiful designs with us - you are a most talented lady.”

Did you 'spot the difference'? There is a clue in Caroline's write-up. Thank you Caroline for, not only stitching Sew Red so beautifully but, supplying a picture and a lovely writeup too! I look forward to seeing what you do with Sew Blue.

I completed my 'secret stitching' last night and I will be 'finishing' later today. I cannot show a picture yet but I can say it's my own design!

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