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Wednesday, 17 February 2010
Miniature knitting

The postman delivered the miniature knitting kit that I ordered a few days ago from Buttercup Miniatures. You would not believe how tiny these needles are! They are approximately 6" in length with cute little beads at the top and the 1 ply yarn is very delicate - almost like a silk thread. I have not tried miniature knitting before so I have no idea how I will get on with it. I have a pattern for knitting miniature Quaker Pin Balls so I will probably give these a go at some point but I will start with knitting up the Victorian Coverlet as per the kit. Now that my hands are relatively pain free, I have decided to try both knitting and crocheting again; I hope I can knit without any problems as I really want to try out the sock pattern that Staci sent to me - thank you Staci! I also ordered a tiny 0.4mm crochet hook to try out a few miniature snowflakes with 80 Dentelles and maybe I am being a bit ambitious but we shall see.

I worked on my latest model last night and realised there was an error on the centre motif as the bottom did not finish where it should. I checked and re-checked the motif stitch by stitch against the chart and then it hit me - there was an error on the left border on the chart although I hadn't stitched the error! Back to the computer to rectify the chart and all is now well. Only 3 small motifs and the outside border on the right hand side, plus the hem-stitching to go so this should be ready by the weekend. I am hoping that the thread will last out but, if not, there may be a colour accent or two!

Oh yes - the sun is out today! I can cope with the cold so long as it's bright and sunny. Spring is in the air and I feel good!

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