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Friday, 19 February 2010

My dear friend Valie went to the Aiguile en Fête in Paris last weekend where she not only shopped for herself but for me too! These beautiful scissors she acquired for me from Monsieur Roulot of Nogent who is indeed a fine craftsman for these scissors are absolutely stunning. Thank you Valie. I hope to be meeting with M Roulot in the not too distant future when I am sure another pair of his excellent scissors will become mine!

For those of you waiting for the release of Sew Sapphire, please bear with me. I promise it will not be too long but yesterday Justin and the children came to visit so I was unable to finish the hem-stitching. This will be done this evening with, weather permitting, a photoshoot tomorrow. My grand-daughter Megan came with her part-stitched Sew In Love to show me; once she has finished it I will post a picture. She also tried her hand at 'designing' a new chart and I will be showing this off at a later stage.

Thanks for visiting - have a lovely weekend
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