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Saturday, 26 July 2008
Hannah Beeby update, some stash and some pretty pictures!

First up an update on Hannah Beeby.  Isn't she beautiful? I am enjoying each and every stitch I make in her. I am undecided as whether to continue working across or whether to work down the left hand side to the bottom and then work across. 

I also had a little stash buy. On the left of the picture is 'Le Plateau Monochrone' by Les Grilles de Maryse and on the right side is 'Doux Coeur Tyrol' by Tournicoton. I am looking forward to stitching both of these. I found a UK website (Crafty Ribbons) that was having a sale on silk ribbons so I ordered 6 different colours. 

My garden was looking really pretty yesterday so I decided to take a few photos. It's a fairly small l-shaped garden which has sun in one part or the other throughout the day which suits me fine! The old wall you can see belongs English Heritage and encloses the Captain's Garden, which is part of Deal Castle. It was going to be restored to its original state but, after many hours of clearing, it looks as though the work has now stopped but it's great to know that they can never build upon it or turn it into a car park.   

While I had my camera out I spied this tiny bee making the rounds of my lobelia so had to take his picture even if he did turn his back at the last minute.

No stitching today as I was invited out to a girl-friend's house, with other girl-friends, where we had lunch in her garden. This lunch went on to 7pm as we had lots to talk about. Tomorrow is Ken's birthday so we are having a family lunch out so no cooking for me this weekend.

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