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Tuesday, 21 October 2008
Faith Hope Love SAL

This is my start on the Faith Hope Love SAL with Yuko. I have actually done a little to HOPE since this picture was taken and will take a further photo later today. Last night while I was putting in some stitches I thought of Yuko, thousands of miles away, stitching on the same piece - she tells me she has stitched LOVE so we were both working on HOPE. I had to change the colour of the thread for this as the Creme I had originally chosen did not show up very well so I am now using AVAS Blanc Optique, which of course is white. I think this will be a very quick SAL as it is very difficult to put down.

Kirby called round after uni yesterday to download her photos from Amsterdam onto my computer as she was having problems downloading on to hers. She then burned them onto a cd so she could take them home to print out the best of them. As there were some 200 photos I don't think the ink in my printer would have held out! She told me she wasn't too keen on the hostel they stayed in and from the photos I can see why but then I suppose that's what being a student is all about. I'll stick to a nice hotel thank you!

A thank you to all those people who leave comments. I can see that I have a lot of visitors who lurk so please don't be shy leave me a comment!

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