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Wednesday, 8 October 2008
Goodnight Sweetheart!

I heard from Yuko that she received her birthday gift. I was a bit late sending this out to her and I was in such a hurry to mail it that I forgot to take a photo! Yuko very kindly sent me the above pictures. She has taken the most wonderful shots that I have decided to give her the job of taking all my photos in the future. As pink is Yuko's favourite colour I decided on a pink theme, so I used Au Ver a Soie 4622 on my favourite 35ct optic white Brussels linen with a silk ribbon trim. The pattern is a Debbie Draper freebie called Love (here). There are more photos on Yuko's blog.

And if you were wondering about the heading of this post ...

my lovely Tommy has decided it's time to hibernate. Yesterday morning he was walking around his domain - the garden - but by 4pm he had disappeared! Now my garden is completely enclosed by a 10ft wall with acess only from the house, so there was no way that a gate had been left open or that someone could have walked in and taken him. I methodically searched all the nooks and crannies but could not find him. There was no obvious signs of him having 'dug himself down' and I was beginning to panic. Ken came home and told me not to be silly, of course he's in the garden somewhere! After another hour search we eventually found him; he had buried himself into the garden under the bamboo. Both of us had searched under the bamboo and not noticed the disturbed earth. Now it's not a good idea for him to hibernate this way in case we get a severe winter, so we had to gently dig him up, wash him as he was absolutely filthy, and then put him into his box. I miss him during the winter months as he will now sleep til mid-March.  Goodnight Sweetheart!

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